Edition Residences Edgewater, located in the vibrant Miami Edgewater neighborhood, is redefining the standards of luxury living. This exquisite collection of residences promises a distinctive living experience, harmoniously blending modern sophistication with the cultural richness of one of Miami’s most sought-after areas. The development stands as a testament to unparalleled construction experience, ensuring every detail reflects precision and elegance.

With each residence designed to offer panoramic views of the stunning Miami skyline and the serene waters of Biscayne Bay, living at Edition Residences Edgewater is like having a front-row seat to an ever-changing, beautiful canvas. The expansive windows and thoughtfully designed spaces ensure that residents are constantly immersed in the beauty of their surroundings, making every day a visual feast. This connection to the environment goes beyond just aesthetics; it’s about creating a living space that is in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

The Edition Residences Edgewater is more than just a place to call home; it is a gateway to a lifestyle rich in culture and refined elegance. Residents have the privilege of experiencing a unique blend of art, entertainment, and leisure, right at their doorstep. This development is not just about the luxury of the space but the quality of life it offers. Its distinctive living experience makes it an ideal choice for those who seek a blend of modern luxury and cultural depth in one of Miami’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

edition miami3 Edition Residences Edgewater, located in the vibrant Miami Edgewater neighborhood, is redefining the standards of luxury living. This exquisite collection of residences promises a distinctive living experience, harmoniously blending modern sophistication with the cultural richness of one of Miami's most sought-after areas. The development stands as a testament to unparalleled construction experience, ensuring every detail reflects precision and elegance.

Let’s Discover the Elite 4: Exclusive Insights into Life at Edition Residences Edgewater

Living in Edition Residences Edgewater is not just about embracing a luxury lifestyle; it’s about becoming a part of Miami’s dynamic cultural and architectural evolution. This article aims to reveal four critical aspects that make Edition Residences in Edgewater a unique and coveted destination for those seeking a blend of modern luxury and vibrant city life. Each fact is meticulously chosen to help potential residents and investors understand why this location is not just an address, but a statement of style and sophistication.

1. Edgewater, Miami’s Vibrant Cultural Melting Pot

Embracing the essence of modern Miami living, Edgewater stands as a beacon of cultural diversity and architectural innovation. This flourishing neighborhood, bordered by the serene Biscayne Bay, offers an unparalleled living experience. It’s a realm where the luxury of waterfront condos merges seamlessly with the energetic pulse of Miami’s most artistic districts. Edgewater is a neighborhood that doesn’t just offer a place to live; it offers a lifestyle enriched by convenience, elegance, and the spirit of Miami.

Within minutes, residents can transition from the tranquility of waterfront serenity to the lively streets of Wynwood and the Miami Design District, showcasing the area’s versatility. The proximity to Downtown Miami and South Beach adds layers of entertainment, dining, and cultural experiences, making every day a new adventure. Edgewater is more than a neighborhood; it’s a canvas where life paints its most vibrant colors.

The locality is home to Margaret Pace Park, a lush, bayfront oasis offering various recreational activities that cater to all ages and interests. This park is a symbol of the community’s commitment to a balanced, active lifestyle amidst urban sophistication. The ongoing development, including the anticipated Missoni Baia, indicates a future that promises even more luxury and innovation.

Choosing to reside at Edition Residences in Edgewater means more than just owning a property; it means being a part of Miami’s evolution, where every corner offers a story, every view a masterpiece, and every moment a memory in the making. It’s here that the future of luxury urban living is being written, and you have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting narrative.

2. The Edition Brand: From Hotel Luxe to First Stand-Alone Residences in Edgewater, Miami

The Edition brand, renowned for its luxury hotels, is bringing its signature elegance to the world of residential living with the launch of Edition Residences in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood. As reported by Robb Report, this marks Edition’s inaugural venture into standalone branded residences, a move that integrates hotel opulence into everyday living.

The 55-story waterfront tower is poised to redefine luxury living. Housing 185 bespoke homes, the tower offers spectacular, unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and the glittering skylines of Downtown Miami and Miami Beach. The design genius of architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia and the creative mastery of Studio Munge come together in this 649-foot-high edifice, offering a range of one- to four-bedroom residences. The grandeur extends to the three tri-level penthouses, each boasting private rooftop pools and gardens.

Edition’s residential venture is not just about magnificent architecture and breathtaking views; it’s about crafting a lifestyle. The residences are designed to mirror the comfort and luxury of Edition hotels, complete with amenities, perks, and concierge services that are synonymous with the brand. Residents will enjoy exclusive access to privileges at Edition properties worldwide and VIP status within Marriott International’s luxury portfolio.

The level of personalization offered at Edition Residences is unparalleled. Residents will collaborate with Edition and Alessandro Munge of Studio Munge to customize their homes, creating spaces that reflect their style while maintaining the brand’s high standards. Features like private foyers, elevator entry, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and lofty ceilings are standard across all units, ensuring a living experience that is both luxurious and uniquely Edition.

The approach to design and lifestyle at Edition Residences Edgewater is a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance and seamless indoor-outdoor living. The lush gardens, designed by EDSA, add to the sense of an urban oasis, complementing the array of amenities that include resort-style pools, fitness facilities, and an elegant spa. This new chapter in luxury living is set to begin with the opening of a sales gallery, heralding a future where Edition’s trademark luxury is not just experienced during hotel stays but becomes a part of daily life.

3. Edition Residences Edgewater’s Spectrum of Luxury Investment Opportunities

The Edition Residences at Edgewater, a testament to modern luxury, presents a range of investment opportunities that cater to a variety of preferences and lifestyles. Each residence type, from Bay Front to Sky Residences, is thoughtfully priced to offer the quintessence of luxury living.

  • Bay Front Residences: The Essence of Waterfront Elegance

Occupying floors 3 to 7, the Bay Front Residences are tailored for those who seek an intimate connection with Miami’s waterfront. Priced from $1,955,000 for a 1 Bedroom + Den configuration, these residences are perfect for individuals or small families. For those requiring more space, the 3-bedroom residences, starting at $3,124,000, offer expansive living areas and breathtaking bay views, combining luxury with the tranquility of waterside living.

  • Signature Residences: Elevated Luxury Living

Spanning floors 10 to 40, the Signature Residences embody the core of Edition’s luxury offerings. With 2 Bedroom + Den units starting at $2,965,000, these residences cater to those desiring both luxury and additional space. The 3-bedroom units, beginning at $2,995,000, are designed for families or individuals seeking a more expansive living experience, all wrapped in the sophisticated design language of Edition.

  • Sky Residences: The Pinnacle of High-Rise Luxury

The Sky Residences, located on floors 41 to 53, redefine the concept of high-rise luxury. These premium units, ranging from 2 Bedrooms + Study at $5,590,000 to 4 Bedrooms at $7,920,000, are designed for discerning buyers seeking unparalleled views and amenities. These residences are not just homes; they are statements of success and sophistication, offering unparalleled vistas of Miami’s skyline and the ocean beyond.

For potential clients, investors, and renters, the Edition Residences in Edgewater represent not just a home, but a lifestyle investment. These residences offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of Miami’s most sought-after real estate, complete with the assurance of quality and luxury that the Edition brand embodies. Each residence is a gateway to an exclusive world of elegance, comfort, and style – making them a compelling choice for those seeking the best in luxury real estate.

4. Edgewater’s Real Estate Market: A Snapshot of Current Trends

Edgewater’s real estate market is a dynamic and evolving landscape, reflecting the growth and desirability of this Miami neighborhood. Prospective residents and investors in Edition Residences Edgewater should be aware of the current market trends to make informed decisions.

The data below is according to Miami Residence:

Current Market Overview

Edgewater, with its blend of urban convenience and waterfront charm, currently has an average listing price of approximately $1,460,270. This figure is a testament to the area’s growing appeal and the quality of residences available. The average price per square foot stands at $1,356, indicating a robust market that maintains high value for its properties. This price point aligns with the premium living experience and amenities offered in developments like Edition Residences.

High-End Market Segment

At the pinnacle of the market, the highest-priced property in Edgewater is listed at an impressive $8,950,000. This indicates the presence of ultra-luxury properties within the neighborhood, catering to a clientele seeking exclusivity and opulence. These high-end properties, often featuring panoramic views and expansive living spaces, are emblematic of the luxury lifestyle that Edition Residences Edgewater aims to provide.

Market Activity and Dynamics

The average days on the market for properties in Edgewater is around 194 days. This duration reflects a healthy balance between supply and demand, ensuring that while properties are sought after, there is enough time for potential buyers to make thoughtful decisions. This market stability is crucial for investors looking for both short-term and long-term gains.

What This Means for Potential Residents

For those considering a move to Edition Residences Edgewater, these market statistics offer insights into the value and potential of their investment. Edgewater’s real estate market promises not just a luxurious living space but also a sound financial decision. The neighborhood’s growing prominence, coupled with the distinctive appeal of Edition Residences, makes it an attractive option for discerning buyers seeking both a home and an investment in one of Miami’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

edition miami6 Edition Residences Edgewater, located in the vibrant Miami Edgewater neighborhood, is redefining the standards of luxury living. This exquisite collection of residences promises a distinctive living experience, harmoniously blending modern sophistication with the cultural richness of one of Miami's most sought-after areas. The development stands as a testament to unparalleled construction experience, ensuring every detail reflects precision and elegance.

The Value of Knowing: Why Understanding These Facts is Crucial for Prospective Edition Residences Edgewater Residents

Understanding the unique aspects of Edition Residences Edgewater is crucial for anyone considering this prestigious Miami address. These insights offer a comprehensive picture of what life in this luxurious development entails and why it stands out as a premier choice in the Miami real estate market.

Personalized Decision-Making for Potential Buyers

Knowing these four key facts about Edition Residences Edgewater empowers potential buyers to make informed decisions. Understanding the distinct qualities of the Edgewater neighborhood, the exclusive nature of Edition’s standalone residences, the varied pricing and opportunities available, and the current real estate market trends in Edgewater provide a clear and detailed picture. This knowledge enables buyers to assess how well this iconic development aligns with their lifestyle preferences, financial objectives, and long-term goals.

Strategic Investment Insights

For investors, these facts serve as a strategic guide to the investment potential of Edition Residences. By exploring the vibrant and culturally rich Edgewater neighborhood, the prestige associated with the Edition brand, the diversity in residence types and pricing, and the robust real estate market of Edgewater, investors can gauge the development’s future value. This is crucial in a market like Miami, where luxury real estate is both a lifestyle choice and an investment opportunity.

Creating a Connection with the Community and Lifestyle

Beyond just the physical aspects of the residences, knowing these facts helps potential residents connect with the community and lifestyle that Edition Residences Edgewater promises. Understanding the essence of the neighborhood, the luxurious amenities and personalized services, the investment value, and the market dynamics allow future residents to envision their lives in this exceptional development. It’s about creating a sense of belonging to a community that offers a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and cultural vibrancy.

For those who value both luxury and informed decision-making, possessing these insights into Edition Residences Edgewater is indispensable. It’s about investing in a lifestyle that resonates with personal values and aspirations and securing a piece of Miami’s most sought-after real estate. Whether you are a potential resident or an investor, these insights pave the way for a wise and fulfilling choice in the world of luxury real estate.

edition miami edgewater building by the sea

Elevating Miami’s Skyline: Edition Residences Edgewater’s Promise for 2026

Embark on a journey into the future of luxury living with Edition Residences Edgewater, set to transform Miami’s skyline in 2026. This prestigious development, a collaborative masterpiece by Two Roads Development, Arquitectonica, and interior genius Jean-Louise Deniot, is more than just a residential tower – it’s a lifestyle revolution.

Discover a World-Class Architectural Marvel

In the heart of Miami’s vibrant Edgewater neighborhood, Edition Residences is a beacon of modern architectural excellence. Designed by the acclaimed Arquitectonica, the building’s aesthetics are a perfect blend of elegance and contemporary flair. The design philosophy of Bernardo Fort-Brescia, the principal architect, is evident in every curve and contour of the building, promising a visual spectacle that matches Miami’s dynamic skyline.

  • Signature Design by Bernardo Fort-Brescia
  • Tower’s captivating aesthetic complements Miami’s urban tapestry

Edition Residences: Redefining Interior Luxury

Internationally renowned designer Jean-Louise Deniot brings his signature style to the interiors of Edition Residences. Each unit, ranging from one to four bedrooms, is a testament to Deniot’s expertise in crafting spaces that exude comfort and luxury. The residences boast up to 14-foot high ceilings, expansive terraces, and floor-to-ceiling windows, ensuring breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline.

  • Designer kitchens with custom cabinetry and Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances
  • Luxurious bathrooms with high-end finishes and spacious walk-in closets
  • Dedicated laundry rooms equipped with full-size washer and dryer

A Symphony of Exclusive Amenities

Living in Edition Residences is an experience filled with exclusive amenities. Managed and operated by EDITION Hotels, the building offers a full suite of facilities designed for wellness, relaxation, and social engagement. Residents can enjoy the tranquility of beautifully landscaped gardens, unwind at the full-service poolside lounge, or indulge in the full spa treatment program serviced by EDITION.

  • Over 45,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities
  • Rooftop pool and hot tub with panoramic views
  • State-of-the-art fitness center, yoga studio, and full spa treatment program

A Lifestyle of Convenience and Elegance

In addition to luxury, Edition Residences Edgewater offers unparalleled convenience. The building features a covered porte-cochère, a grand three-story lobby, and electric vehicle charging stations. The inclusion of six luxury guest suites ensures that residents can comfortably host visitors, adding a unique touch to the community living experience.

  • Direct access to the Miami Baywalk
  • Private dog run and grooming suite
  • On-site fine dining restaurant and catering kitchen

Unprecedented Personalization and Comfort

Edition Residences offers a new dimension of personalized luxury. Each residence is a canvas for residents to imprint their style, complemented by the building’s innovative design and premium fixtures. The tranquil aesthetic chosen by Deniot and For-Brescia’s moon-like glass prism design is a nod to Miami’s magical moonlight, enhancing the allure of these bespoke homes.

  • Customizable residences to reflect individual styles
  • Innovative design elements for a unique living experience

Anticipating the completion of Edition Residences in 2026, this development is not just another high-rise in Miami’s skyline; it is a promise of a lifestyle that intertwines luxury with the essence of Miami’s spirit. It’s an opportunity to be part of a community that celebrates sophistication, comfort, and a distinct sense of belonging. For those seeking to immerse themselves in the pinnacle of luxury living, Edition Residences Edgewater awaits.

edition5 Edition Residences Edgewater, located in the vibrant Miami Edgewater neighborhood, is redefining the standards of luxury living. This exquisite collection of residences promises a distinctive living experience, harmoniously blending modern sophistication with the cultural richness of one of Miami's most sought-after areas. The development stands as a testament to unparalleled construction experience, ensuring every detail reflects precision and elegance.

Darin Tansey’s Exclusive Guide: The Elite Life Awaits at Edition Residences Edgewater

Darin Tansey presents an exclusive opportunity to become part of the distinguished Edition Residences Edgewater. This invitation extends beyond the allure of ocean views and refined interiors; it’s a call to step into an exceptional lifestyle, one that resonates with the heartbeat of modern exclusivity. Explore this residential enclave that seamlessly blends luxury living with the vibrant culture of Miami’s most coveted waterfront location.

Embrace the Edition Experience with Expert Guidance

  • Discover Unmatched Elegance: Let Darin Tansey guide you through the intricate property details of Edition Residences Edgewater, where every corner exudes sophistication.
  • Access to Cultural Magnificence: Immerse yourself in a world where the doorstep of your home leads to illustrious cultural destinations, a testimony to the location’s rich heritage.
  • A Modern Sanctuary Awaits: Experience a perfect version of waterfront living, where modernity meets serenity in a residential foyer designed to impress.

Your Journey to Luxury Begins Here

  • Personalized Consultation: Darin Tansey offers personalized guidance to navigate the nuances of acquiring a residence in this elite enclave.
  • Tailored Experience: From exploring the potential of a perfect home to understanding the unique features of this modern marvel, Darin Tansey is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Making Dreams Reality: Whether you aspire for a waterfront retreat or a hub near vibrant cultural locales, your journey to owning a piece of Edition Residences Edgewater begins with a conversation.

If you’re ready to elevate your lifestyle and make a statement with your next home, reach out to Darin Tansey today. Let him be your guide in uncovering the 4 Must-Know Facts About Living in Edition Residences Edgewater and assist you in making an informed decision about your future residence. This is more than an investment; it’s a step towards living the life you’ve envisioned, wrapped in modern exclusivity and elegance. Connect with Darin Tansey now and start your journey to a refined and exceptional lifestyle at Edition Residences Edgewater.