Edition Residences, Miami Edgewater, heralds a new era in luxury living as the world’s first private EDITION residence. This pioneering development embodies an innovative approach to home design, where the expertise and experience of EDITION Hotels are harnessed to redefine the concept of a modern home. With residences starting at $2,000,000, this project, currently in pre-construction, offers a unique opportunity for discerning buyers to invest in a property that promises to be a benchmark for luxury living in Miami.

At the heart of this development is a collaboration between renowned architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia and the esteemed Studio Munge, whose collective vision has given rise to an exquisite collection of homes. These residences are not just living spaces; they are masterpieces of design, offering panoramic views of the vibrant Miami Edgewater. The fusion of Fort-Brescia’s architectural genius with Studio Munge’s refined interiors results in a living space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior. This unique synergy ensures that Edition Residences stands out as a beacon of distinctive living experiences in Miami’s dynamic real estate landscape.

The location of Edition Residences in Miami Edgewater is a deliberate choice, aimed at offering residents an experience imbued with cultural richness. The Magic City’s pulsating energy and diverse cultural tapestry are just steps away, providing an unmatched lifestyle that balances urban excitement with serene waterfront living. The promise of Edition Residences goes beyond the walls of its luxurious homes; it extends to a lifestyle that is rich in experiences, backed by a construction experience that guarantees quality and sustainability.

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Edition Hotels Ventures into Stand-Alone Residences: Edition Residences Elevate Miami’s Edgewater

According to Robb Report, Edition Residences is set to redefine the landscape of luxury living in Miami. Poised in the bustling enclaves of the exclusive Edgewater neighborhood, this 55-story architectural marvel offers an unparalleled residential experience. The 649-foot-high tower, a first of its kind for the Edition brand, promises not just a home but an exceptional lifestyle that blends modern exclusivity with the comfort of elegant living. With unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and the vibrant energy of Downtown Miami, these residences are a testament to the allure of waterfront living in one of Miami’s most sought-after districts.

Architectural and Interior Excellence

At the helm of this groundbreaking project is the famed architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica, whose visionary approach is evident in the tower’s striking glass facade. Complementing this architectural ingenuity are the exquisite interiors designed by Studio Munge, ensuring that each of the 185 bespoke homes within Edition Residences radiates sophistication and style. From spacious one- to four-bedroom layouts to opulent tri-level penthouses complete with rooftop pools and gardens, these residences offer a range of options to suit diverse preferences. Prospective buyers can expect homes ranging from 1,952 to 3,864 square feet, with prices starting at a competitive $1.7 million.

A New Realm of Luxury Living

Edition Residences aims to transcend the conventional boundaries of condo sales by offering an experience akin to a perpetual stay at a luxury hotel. This ambition is further realized through the partnership with Two Roads Development, a renowned South Florida-based real estate developer. Residents will enjoy hotel-like amenities, perks, and concierge services synonymous with the Edition brand. Moreover, exclusive privileges at Edition properties worldwide, along with VIP status and preferred rates at Marriott International’s luxury hotels, amplify the allure of investing in this unique development.

Personalization at Its Core

Distinguishing itself from other branded residences, Edition offers a heightened level of personalization. Working alongside Edition and acclaimed interior designer Alessandro Munge of Studio Munge, buyers have ample opportunity to tailor their homes to their exacting standards. Each residence boasts a private foyer and elevator entry, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, and soaring 10- to 14-foot-high ceilings. This commitment to customization ensures that each home is not just a residence but a perfect version of elegant living, set against the backdrop of Miami’s cultural destinations and vibrant energy. Edition Residences, Miami Edgewater, is not just a property investment; it’s an investment in a lifestyle that epitomizes luxury and exclusivity.

edition miami5 Edition Residences, Miami Edgewater, heralds a new era in luxury living as the world's first private EDITION residence. This pioneering development embodies an innovative approach to home design, where the expertise and experience of EDITION Hotels are harnessed to redefine the concept of a modern home. With residences starting at $2,000,000, this project, currently in pre-construction, offers a unique opportunity for discerning buyers to invest in a property that promises to be a benchmark for luxury living in Miami.

Why Edition Residences is a Prime Investment Opportunity: Neighborhood, Community, and Nature

Edgewater Miami, the setting for Edition Residences, is rapidly emerging as one of Miami’s most desirable neighborhoods. This area, known for its vibrant energy and modern exclusivity, offers an exceptional lifestyle that harmoniously blends urban living with the tranquility of nature. Investing in Edition Residences means becoming part of a community that is both dynamic and serene, providing a perfect version of city living.

The Allure of Edgewater Miami

  • Breathtaking Water Views: Positioned beside the picturesque Biscayne Bay, many condos in Edgewater, including Edition Residences, boast stunning water views. This feature alone significantly enhances the living experience and the value of the investment.
  • Proximity to Key Miami Destinations: Its location puts residents mere minutes away from Wynwood Miami, the Miami Design District, South Beach, and the Miami International Airport. This connectivity to major cultural destinations and essential services adds to the appeal of living in this bustling enclave.
  • Access to Recreational and Lifestyle Amenities: The neighborhood includes Margaret Pace Park, a substantial bayfront park offering various recreational facilities like tennis and volleyball courts, a dog park, a children’s playground, and an outdoor fitness area. Such amenities underscore the community-focused lifestyle available in Edgewater Miami.

Community and Connectivity

  • Walkable Neighborhood: Residents can enjoy the convenience of having essential amenities within walking distance, including a Publix grocery store, banks, restaurants, and shops. This aspect of Edgewater enhances the daily living experience by combining urban convenience with a sense of community.
  • A Blend of Nature and Urban Living: The presence of green spaces and waterfront areas in Edgewater offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban living. It’s a place where the energy of Miami’s urban life meets the calming presence of nature.
  • Cultural Richness and Diversity: The neighborhood’s proximity to Wynwood and the Design District means residents are never far from some of Miami’s most iconic cultural destinations, known for their artistic and cultural diversity.

Edition Residences: A Symbol of Elegant Living

Investing in Edition Residences transcends traditional condo sales; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that epitomizes elegance and luxury. The development offers a residential enclave that is both exclusive and integrated into the vibrant tapestry of Edgewater Miami. This combination of luxury living, community spirit, and connection to nature and culture makes Edition Residences not just an investment in real estate but an investment in a way of life. It’s where the promise of modern exclusivity meets the reality of a vibrant, thriving community.

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What to Expect at Edition Residences: A Fusion of Luxury and Innovation

Edition Residences, a groundbreaking project in Miami’s Edgewater, is quickly becoming the talk of the town for luxury real estate enthusiasts. Designed by the esteemed architecture firm Arquitectonica and developed by Two Roads Development, this exclusive stand-alone luxury development is redefining the standards of high-end living in Miami. With its prime location and an array of exceptional features, Edition Residences is not just a home; it’s a lifestyle statement.

Design Mastery and Structural Elegance at Edition Residences

  • Signature Design by Bernardo Fort-Brescia: The principal of Arquitectonica, Bernardo Fort-Brescia, brings his architectural prowess to Edition Residences, ensuring a striking yet harmonious addition to Miami’s skyline.
  • Interior Design by Studio Munge: Led by Alessandro Munge, Studio Munge’s interior design blends contemporary luxury with functionality, creating living spaces that are both elegant and comfortable.

Edition Residences is a testament to modern architectural excellence, promising its residents more than just a place to live, but a masterpiece to call home.

Unparalleled Amenities and Services

  • Managed and Operated by EDITION Hotels: Ensuring the highest standards of service and hospitality.
  • Over 45,000 Square Feet of Indoor and Outdoor Amenities: A vast array of facilities catering to every aspect of luxury living.
  • Direct Access to the Miami Baywalk: Connecting residents to the vibrant heart of Miami with over 800 linear feet of waterfront.

From the full-service poolside lounge and bar to the private dog run and grooming suite, Edition Residences caters to every need and desire, offering an unmatched living experience.

Exclusive Residential Features

  • Varied Residence Options: Offering one- to four-bedroom residences, with sizes ranging from 1,952 to 3,815 square feet.
  • Private Residential Foyer: Semi-private elevators lead to a world of privacy and exclusivity.
  • Panoramic Views: Up to 12-foot deep terraces provide breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, Downtown Miami, and beyond.

Each residence at Edition is designed to offer an exceptional lifestyle, complete with luxury bathrooms, spacious walk-in closets, and dedicated laundry rooms, setting a new benchmark in residential luxury.

State-of-the-Art Living

  • Designer Kitchens: Equipped with Sub-Zero and Wolf stainless panel-ready appliances, including a 5-burner gas cooktop and designer dishwasher.
  • Luxury Bathrooms: Featuring double vanity, stone countertops, and a spacious shower with a free-standing tub.
  • Advanced Technology: Pre-wiring for custom window treatments and electric vehicle charging stations.

The focus on detail and quality at Edition Residences extends to every aspect of living, offering residents a home that is both technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Investment and Lifestyle Opportunities

With prices ranging from $2,000,000 for a 1 Bedroom + Den to $7,920,000 for a 4-bedroom residence, Edition Residences represents a prime investment opportunity in one of Miami’s most sought-after neighborhoods. The payment plan, including 20% at contract, followed by incremental payments leading to closing, makes this investment both accessible and prudent. Owning a home at Edition Residences is not just about luxury living; it’s about being part of a community that values excellence, privacy, and the finer things in life. This development is not just an investment in real estate; it’s an investment in a lifestyle that is both luxurious and fulfilling.

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Seize the Opportunity: Unlock Exclusive Real Estate with Darin Tansey at Edition Residences

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